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Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin: Reviews


Reviewers and customers have been enjoying our recordings. Scroll down to see what they say.






Return is a luminous collection of songs and tunes.  The songs are exquisite, varied, and notable for evocative lyrics and beautiful melodies. 

Steve Arkin - Old-Time Herald

Their vocals are acrobatic, spirited, precise and nuanced ... With a hauntingly eerie guitar (and) modal dual vocals (Fine Horseman) sounds as fully orchestrated as any multi-tracked extravaganza.

Steven Stone - Vintage Guitar

It's great that Jody and Kate are back to show us all how it should be done.

TD - Sing Out!

Wow, wow and wow! A feast of an album. Several hair-raising moments, many smiles and wah's, and a few tears, too (listening to Calloused Hands). What a treat.

H.C. - customer response (May 18, 2010)

I’ve been listening (over and over again) to your new CD --- it’s gorgeous, delicious music ----congratulations to you!

C.G. - customer response (Jun 4, 2010)

 Wow, what a pleasure! Enough familiar to feel completely comfortable, enough new to justify the wait and set the whole effort apart from all else before. I loved the Lal Waterson song, the Joseph Spence sendup, Rivers of Texas, a bunch of things. Mostly the overall thing. And the cover photo is one of the best of you guys I've ever seen. Plus, you just don't encounter phrases like "with chromatic passages that evoked Heaven as cocktail lounge cum mortuary" just anywhere. Bravo!

P.H. - customer response (May 20, 2010)






If any of their previous work has touched you than this will poleaxe you. They are one of the great musical duos, bar none.

Ken Hunt - Folk Roots

Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin evoke the music’s heart and soul. They elicit those same timeless intangibles that allow the Carter Family’s, Bill Monroe’s and the Stanley Brothers’ music to endure. In doing so, they’ve made an album that stands alongside those revered masters.

Laurence Baeur - BAM

This record has a magical quality that words fail to describe adequately.  I find its title most apt.

Jan Jerrold - British Bluegrass




Nominated for NAIRD Indie Award  

HOT PLATTER!: It's hard to think of any other younger generation practitioners of old-time country music better than this team. Graceful, subtle, and full of style.


THE BEST OF 1991– #2 Folk recording: The finest harmonizing and old-time picking since "Skaggs and Rice".

Larry King - Pulse!


HIGHLIGHT REVIEW: This album is one to listen to when you want to appreciate the essence of traditional bluegrass. The duo has a sound few can still capture, or even attempt to.

Stephen A. Ide - Bluegrass Unlimited

Blue Lightning is about the most honest, direct and heartfelt music you can find on a compact disc.

Larry Kelp - Oakland Tribune

....this deep collection, so brilliantly performed by San Francisco's first couple of traditional song. The instrumental and vocal interplay is never short of amazing.

Derk Richardson - San Francisco Bay Guardian



Grammy Finalist!

Another HOT PLATTER! goes to this infallibly superb duo! Spine chilling harmony and impeccable playing throughout.


Kate and Jody are still batting 1000. I can think of no other current duo performers whom I would rather hear. This is old-time country singing at its best.

Kerry Blech - Victory Review

HIGHLIGHT REVIEW: Kate and Jody perform straight from the heart. "Our Town" is a joy to hear.

Paul A. Sachs - Bluegrass Unlimited

Great album. Towering.

Glen Hershberg - Seattle Times

Absolutely Lovely.

Dave Freeman - County Sales

They've done it again.

Mark Greenberg - Sing Out!




Naird Indie Award Finalist

Ho-hum. Another fabulous recording by Jody and Kate. This is their fourth recording for Rounder and each has been a masterpiece.

Don Jacobson - KVMR



This release has seen this West Coast duo rise to the highest echelons of traditional acoustic music. A treasure trove of little-known songs, ballads and instrumentals, "Stay Awhile" is an instant classic. Great timeless music played by people who truly love it and know how to do it right.




This is probably the purest recording yet of their uniquely beautiful approach to traditional music. Much in evidence is Jody's instrumental prowess as his heartfelt dead-on vocal interpretations. Kate's evocative vocals are breathtakingly effective.

Root and Rhythm




OH THE WIND AND RAIN/ Eleven Ballads

Winner AFIM INDIE AWARD best traditional folk recording 1999


This is the hands-down contender for Best American Folk Album for 1999. Is that unambiguous enough?  *****


Nobody does it better than Stecher..... breathtaking attention to lyric interpretation and musical nuance, turning the stark setting sumptuous.

Best Recordings of 1999 - East Bay Express
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